Welcome to Our Year 2 Page!  
Children return to school on Wednesday 6th 
Letters, information and reading diaries will be sent home during the first 3 days of school.  

The Year 2 Team 

Mrs Damelza Theodoridis: Class Teacher 
Mrs Penny-Meech: Teaching 1 afternoon per week  
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Vincent, Mrs Penny-Meech and Mrs Gilbert 
Violins: Mrs Cunningham. 

Latest Home Learning Information  

Last homework:  
Next homework:  
In Year 2, the children are given homework each XXXXX(tbc!) It is better to think along the lines of 'little and often' and as some families prefer to work with their children on weeknights and others weekends, you'll have more freedom as to when your child completes homework with you. The more notes that you make on your child's work, the more I get from it. Please return completed homework on a XXXXX(tbc!) 
Think about the following questions... 
• How much of the work was done independently? 
• Was there something you struggled to help them understand? 
• Was it too easy? 
• Were you unsure of how we teach something in class? 
If you'd like more guidance, please ask! 

Physical Education 

Outdoor PE: XXXXX(day tbc!) - white t-shirt, hoodie / sweater, black / navy jogging bottoms or leggings, socks and trainers.  
Indoor PE: XXXXX(day tbc!) - white t-shirt, black/navy shorts, black pumps (velco tend to be better!)  
Please let me know if your child is unable to take part in PE by catching me in the playground, calling the school office or sending me a note. Please ensure no earrings or other jewelery are worn on these days. Thanks! 

School Code of Conduct and Rewards 

The children in Year 2 are clued up on what is expected of them, in and out of class. We have a school code of conduct which we refer to regularly when managing behaviour. We have agreed, as a class, to work together to keep things running smoothly. There are lots of different rewards for those who demonstrate kindness, excellent behaviour, a consistently good attitude to learning and self improvement! 
Making great choices and trying hard can lead to... 
• a "YES!" or a "DOUBLE YES YES!" 
• tally marks on our chart for a chance to pick from the prize box on Friday 
• a comment in The Book of Brilliance, certificates and stickers 
• T - Tokens for your personal collection 
• a showing off opportunity in Mrs Rouse's office (she has shiny stickers hidden in there!) 
• your name being used in a story 
• featuring on the class web page / Tapestry  

What's That All About?  

What on earth is GoNoodle? What this about mirrors?  
Over the last few years and with thanks to the ever-growing online community, teachers from all over the world are able to connect and share their successes, ideas and teaching methods. I'm proud to be working with other teachers in America, Canada and Australia and some of my favourite teaching strategies and lesson ideas have come from across the pond. I love sharing this with my class. 
Take a look at the videos below for a bit of an explanation! 

Number Talks 

A 'Number Talk' is a ten to fifteen minute meeting which focuses purely on number. We'll be looking at calculation strategies and how to get started with confidence when first faced with a problem. I'm hoping that these meetings will help children to revise past learning and clear up any misconceptions. They will be at a separate time from our normal maths lesson. Have a look at the first few minutes of this video down below on the left. The teacher is introducing Number Talk for the first time. She's very clear and patient with the kids and although the initial problem, 7 + 3 seems almost too simple, it's the conversation that follows which is important. Mr Thain here on the right is explaining Number Talks to his peers and parents.  

School Childcare and Clubs 


Why not explore our School Calendar Page for more dates? 
Week commencing 11th September 
Thursday 14th September - First choir